Traditional Balloon Arch

Type: Arches
SKU: Traditional_20ft

 Air-filled Classic Balloon Arches

The most common arch that we build and delivery for clients is the classic spiral balloon arch or packed design arch. These arches are priced by the linear foot and are fairly simple to estimate for prices. Once you know the linear foot you are looking for, it is just a matter of asking the decorator which arch sizes are their standard sizes and then getting the price for that particular sized arch. 

10 foot wide that is 10 foot tall would be approximately 20 linear feet.  Below is a quick chart for standard sized balloon arches, their approximate heights and widths.


Height x Width Commonly Called Total Linear Feet
8 feet tall x 8 foot wide Photo Backdrop Arch 20 linear feet
10 feet tall x 10 foot wide Single / Double Door Arch 25 linear feet
12 feet tall x 12 foot wide Double Door / Grand Entrance Arch 30 linear feet
16 feet tall x 16 foot wide Oversized Arch 40 linear feet

Additional Fees for a balloon arch


    • Delivery: $30  around Charlotte Metropolitan area
    • Outdoor Setup: $50
    • Rush Order: $50
    • Outdoor add $30 on top of the indoor one (prices below)

 if you're looking for a balloon size that is not included in this page or you have special requirements please leave us a message or call the store