About Us

Welcome to GoParty!

Our story

GoParty  was opened in 2014 by owner, Janet Castillo, originally located at Prosperity Village. After two and half years , we relocated at 5817 Prosperity Church Rd Suite A Charlotte NC --> Same building as Aldi Food Market

What we do

GoParty takes pride in providing friendly customer service, and unique designs created using quality, professional materials and tools. Whether you just need a small bunch of balloons for a gift or table or your whole event decorated, we can help. GoParty creates balloon arches, garlands, columns, centerpieces, gifts, sculptures and more!

GoParty also offers delivery and setup (subject to availability and minimum order) to make it as easy as possible for you. 

We recommend coming into the shop for the best experience when ordering balloon decorations. We have found our clients are better able to express their vision in person, view showroom samples, and choose from an extensive inventory of colors, themes and designs we have available.

If you can't come in, no worries! We are happy to help you over the phone and email. You can also order your balloon gift deliveries, pre-designed arrangements and decor on our online shop.


Q: Do you sell bags of balloons or products for DIY?

A: GoParty does not sell bags of balloons or decor supplies, only finished product

Q: Can I just walk in and buy a few balloons, or do I have to order ahead?

A: We do not have a minimum order for walk-ins. You can come in and we will sell you 1 balloon if that's what you need. No need to order ahead for a small pickup, we can make it on the spot, and usually there is no wait/line.

Q: How long will my balloons last?

A: GoParty cannot guarantee products for any amount of time after delivery/pickup. Balloons are fragile by nature, and there are many factors that contribute to how long they will last. High temperatures, direct sunlight, wind and rain will oxidize your balloons quickly. We strongly recommend helium balloons for inside use only, and advise you choose an area for your outdoor decor that is out of direct sun, especially in summer. We are not responsible for balloons that pop or deflate for any reason after they have been picked up or delivered. However we use Hi Float and Hi Shine in all our balloons 

Q: What steps does GoParty  take to be environmentally mindful?

A: GoParty  weights and or bags all balloons leaving our shop to minimize any accidental release. We create mainly air-filled designs on frames for outside, and discourage all clients from using helium balloons outside.

Additionally, most of the balloons we use are natural latex, which is biodegradable over 3-6 months. We do our best to educate our clients about responsible use of balloons when it comes to the environment.

Q: My venue does not allow anything to be attached to the wall or helium balloons, what can you do?

A: GoParty  is NOT responsible for any damage caused by balloons, adhesives/attachments, balloons not allowed in by the venue or the cost to retrieve them from the ceiling if they are removed from their weights, which we carefully secure them to. It is your responsibility to check the rules of your venue ahead of time. We offer options like framed garlands, columns and arches which do not have to be supported by attaching to the wall. If your venue doesn't allow helium balloons, please check if they make an exception for professional decorators, otherwise we have plenty of air-filled options

Contact us at 704-946-2729. We can help you plan out your event, suggestion a theme, discuss your budget and we'll take care of the rest!