Organic Garlands/Arches

Type: Garland
SKU: Garland_2ft

Our organic balloon arches vary in pattern, style, and color. They are perfect for drawing attention at a doorway or any other special space in your event.

Organic balloon arches must be made on-site as they cannot be transported. There may be an additional delivery and set up fee. 

The order requires at least 1-week notice. Please email us your inspiration photos that you see on Pinterest, Instagram or wherever your social media eyes take you to We are happy to send you a quote for our balloon creations and our services.

Balloon Calculator for Arch Linear Foot

What is all this talk of linear foot and what does it mean? It has to do with the length of garland that must be made in order to create the arch size you are looking for. If you imagine an arch being stretched out and laid flat against the ground, that would show you the length of the arch in linear feet. At that point, arches could just as easily be thought of as balloon columns. They are just curved into a different shape.

 What is the simple balloon arch formula?

Though not perfect, this will get you close to the correct answer:
Take the width of your arch + the height of your arch = Total linear feet of the arch you want!

For example, a 10 foot wide arch that is 10 foot tall would be approximately 20 linear feet. You may have noticed that the double door arch was in multiple categories. This is because doors, entrances, shapes of arches, and placement can all vary. It is best to speak to us about your event to know which category and size are you are looking for.