Congrats on Your Graduation Balloon Bouquet (9/ 11 pc)


With these magnificent graduation balloon bouquets, you can decorate your graduation party and honor the new grad's accomplishments! This graduation balloon bouquet includes your choice of big foil balloon and 9 latex balloons (white, black and chrome gold). Helium balloons have been inflated


  1. 9 latex balloons
  2. 2 Foil Mylar Balloons (Regular Size)  or 1 jumbo Mylar balloon
  3. Curly ribbons and a weight.


Hi-Float is applied to all latex balloons.

Please select if you want your bouquet to be table or floor height 

Position of the Balloons

We cannot guarantee that the balloons will not twist and turn if disturbed or moved.

Floating Time

If used indoors, our balloons are guaranteed to float and stay perky for two days. They may or may not be suitable for use outside, depending on the weather. If the balloons are utilized outside, we are unable to provide product guarantees.

Oxidation and Shrinking

Latex balloons, such as those in this bouquet, will gradually shrink in size as time passes. They'll also oxidize, which is a natural process that turns a glossy appearance into a satin-like finish.

WARNING: Do not release near electricity lines or outdoors! It could result in power disruptions.
Free Pick up in store or have it delivered for a charge based on your postal code.


When you order custom designs, they are created as closely as possible to the picture online. Please remember that each is custom made by special dedicated balloon artist and not arrangement will look the same, as a flower will never look exactly as another one.  Substitutions may be necessary to ensure your arrangement or specialty gift is delivered in a timely manner.  The utmost care and attention is given to your order to ensure that it is as similar as possible to the requested item. While substitutions may be necessary, we do attempt to keep the same look and feel of the arrangement by using balloons and products of greater or equal value. If we are unable to fulfill an order without changing the look or overall style, we will contact the purchasing customer for consent