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Article published at: Aug 26, 2020 Article author: Janet Castillo
Party Ideas
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Colors 2020

Pantone's Classic Blue this year can be elegant, relaxed, and limitless. Indeed, it can also be avant garde — sometimes atypical — using a range of tonalities, colors, and prints.

Adding blue to your party to bring the color into your celebration. 


Napkins Name & Sizes

  • Dinner Napkins 8″ X 8″ folded and 16″ X 16″ unfolded
    Buffet Napkins 4.5″ X 8″ folded and 13″ X 16″ unfolded
    Lunch Napkins 6.5″ X 6.5″ folded and 13″ X 13″ unfolded
    Beverage Napkins 5″ X 5″ folded and 10″ X 10″ unfolded
    Round Napkins 13″ diameter unfolded