24" White Winter Frost Snowflake Paper Star Lantern

Type: Lantern
SKU: 4828

24" WHITE WINTER FROST SNOWFLAKE PAPER STAR LANTERN, HANGING (LIGHT NOT INCLUDED) New line of Holiday Snowflake Paper Lantern Stars are perfect for the Christmas Holiday as a home decor accessory or as an outdoor Winter Wedding decoration. These star lantern lamps are high-quality - made from very thick paper and punched with a special snowflake design. A star lanterns can be seen hung on the sets of many Hollywood movies and TV shows. Our stars come direct from India and will make a beautiful display or decoration in any room of your home or event space. Add a touch of fun when paired with one of our lamp cord kits to create wonderful ambiance lighting.Product Specifications: Colors: White. Dimensions: 24 x 10 inches. Material: Heavy-Duty Paper. Lighting: Not Included.Bulb Protector?: Plastic Bulb Protector Included.